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TIME welding machine serves China International Welding Competition 2018


TIME welding machine serves China International Welding Competition 2018

On July 25 of 2018, the China International Welding Competition 2018 was held in Beijing Shougang. This is a big stage for domestic and foreign players to exchange skills and show their talents. The competition was hosted by China Engineering Construction Welding Association, jointly organized by Beijing Time Technology Co., Ltd. and Shougang Technician College. 

The welding equipments used in this competition are all from BEIJING TIME. More than 20 sets of welding equipment are provided for the competition, AC/DC square wave welding machine WSE-315 and whole-digital MIG/MAG welding machine TDN 3500.

This competition is a true international level. The players are from South Korea, the United States, Australia, Russia, Mongolia, China and so on. The purpose of competition is to promote the exchange of international welding technology, and at the same time let the players fully understand and familiar with the welding standards and the technical rules of the world skill competition.

Russia competitor

United States competitor

Australia competitor

Mongolia competitor

South Korea competitor

This competition is an opportunity for TIME welding machine to accept the test of international players once again and pave the way for TIME welding machine to enter the world stage!

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